The First Ever Meeting of the Uselessly Powered Superheroes

OK so there are these superheroes and they're meeting to deal with a problem but they don't have the usual superpowers. Their's are a bit - well, the title says it all - useless. Or are they?

Cats and Dogs

Three spoiled and lazy cats wonder what could be better than lying around in the sun all day. A couple of energetic dogs have the answer: Stick. 

Puss in Boots: An unusual romance

Ok the cat wants your lunch, your money and those nifty boots. But what do you get in return? 

The Mystery at Dunbar Mansion

Outside the Dunbar Mansion -the electricity is out and a brutal storm is raging. But inside the Dunbar Mansion there's a mystery that needs solving. If only people would co-operate.

School Lunch

Some lunches are just more exciting than others. This one causes a lot of excitement when it - well, I don't want to give it all away, now do I?

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